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Coral Doctors Maldives – Our Mission

Coral reefs all over the world provide food and livelihoods for the people, fishing, building material and most of all a wide range of employment and commercial opportunities associated with tourism.

Also the coral reefs in Maldives have suffered in the last years due to several mass coral bleaching events. But also from human disturbances such as increased sedimentation resulting from massive land reclamation and construction works, sewage discharges and overfishing.

There is the lack of knowledge by the locals in Maldives on the following topics:

  • the ecology and importance of biodiversity within a healthy coral reef
  • threats to coral reefs
  • handling techniques of living corals
  • techniques for reproduction of living corals and successful strategies for restoration

Our project aims to address the training of all of these issues while conducting workshops in Maldives.

Coral reef conservation and restoration workshops in Maldives

The idea of the workshops is to teach local people basic understanding of the ecology of a coral reef and the species community within the reef. Secondly, it is important for the locals to learn about husbandry and reproduction of a wide range of tropical corals and best management strategies. The aim is to get the people to the workshop before they start any project to ensure that basic mistakes are not repeated.

On the other hand the workshops give us the possibility to learn more about the special conditions around Maldivian islands and coral reefs. After the completion of the workshops we want to summarize results, knowledge and experiences form the workshops.

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